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"The Company is made by its people"


Contribute with our clients for the professionalization and environmental, economic and social sustainability of their agricultural business, providing a comprehensive look at the management for the fulfillment of their Objectives.


To be leaders and references in the management of agricultural companies and other related services, both in the country and in the region.


Teamwork, Transparency, Respect, Commitment, Innovation, Flexibility & Adaptive Capacity, Excellence, Social Responsibility.

History of the company

History of the company

El Renuevo was set up in 1993 by Luis Dillon and Santiago Gutiérrez Cantilo, both of them Engineers in Agricultural Production, with the idea of giving a professional management to agricultural companies.

The original view was to provide companies with a professional and modern management service. In 1996, according to the development of the company, El Renuevo decided to settle down in Pehuajo city, in Buenos Aires Province one of the most productive areas in Argentina.

From there, the company grew serving customers in Argentina, and also expanding services to other countries in the region.

With 20 years of experience El Renuevo has expanded its horizons both geographically – today we have national coverage plus regional expansion- and in services provided. Our experience allows us to have a complete view of agro business, including as part of our services not only management and consulting but also evaluation and development of business related to land in Argentina and the region.

The Renuevo arises at a time when companies of its type, the "big administrations", tended to disappear. For this reason, from its birth, it was always forced to permanent change and its adaptation, which led it to redefine the logic of the well-known service, always putting the satisfaction of clients' objectives as a goal and guide.

The effectiveness and efficiency in the processes were and always continue to be a distinguishing characteristic. The effort for Continuous Improvement, Innovation and research of Tools and Processes improved competitiveness in administration costs, that is, in concrete benefits for customers.

The scale achieved allows commercial optimization and generates access to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, regardless of the size of each client.

We are very happy to provide a "containment network" and opportunities for those local companies that, without losing their DNA, their trajectory, their values, in short their Identity, manage to preserve their company, gaining competitiveness over time.

One of our main challenges has been to form a committed Team to meet the growing demand for services. Today we are proud of having managed to build, transmit and preserve the Culture and the main Values ??that have accompanied the growth, and represent our own brand for the company.

During these twenty-seven years our clients have emerged successful and strengthened from the different situations that the country and the countryside have gone through. The retention rate of 98% of our clients is our greatest capital and is what encourages us as the first day to continue in the search for innovation and in transforming challenges into opportunities.

We are a proud part of one of the key and fundamental sectors for the life and development of our country. We are committed and dedicated to managing sustainable companies to help create a better future.

The Team: El Renuevo

Report System

Report System

One of the great pillars on which our service is based is trust. We believe that a fundamental tool to achieve this is to have accurate, reliable and quality information. We seek to promote fluid communication, get feedback, and always be close to each client. For this we developed a Reporting system, which in addition to the meetings, visits and periodic talks with each client, includes a detailed report with the management, the open numbers, where we measure the deviations from the Plan vs the Real, the progress and those points critics. It is a space to listen to the client, strengthen communication and bet on continuous improvement.

Executive Management Committee

We believe in the value of different views on the same subject. That is why strategic decisions in the management of our client companies are enriched through the work of an Executive Management Committee, made up of partners and heads of the area, whose main objective is to “get down to the ground” the strategy, decisions and monitoring and meeting the objectives.

The look and contribution of each one enriches our service.

Quality and Innovation

The quality of our service has always been a challenge for El Renuevo. What was born as a natural search for continuous improvement was systematized with the ISO9001 certification in 2007. This achievement allowed us to incorporate continuous improvement into the culture of our organization in a systemic way. This pushes us to permanent innovation, always rethinking the way we do things trying to find new paths. We innovate both in administration processes and in technical matters and in work schemes and modalities. Innovation and quality run through our entire organization and those of our clients.


  1. 1993

    It was created by Luis Dillon and Santiago Gutiérrez Cantilo.

  2. 1994

    First client: 700 hectares in America, province of Bs As.

  3. 1996

    We opened an office in Pehuajó with five clients.

  4. 1999

    Incorporation of the first Partner, Santiago García Guerra.

  5. 2002

    We open an office in Salta.

  6. 2006

    Technological Advancement through the implementation of the Data Repository System.

  7. 2007

    ISO9001 Certification for Management System.

  8. 2020

    27 years of experience.

  9. 360°

    Vision that allows evaluating and developing businesses and investments around land